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Personnel Audit

Personnel and organization audit is suitable way for review of organizational structure, effectiveness of information flow, ineffective or duplicity activities, extent of utilization of individual workers, suitability and fulfillment of qualification requirements for individual positions, personal profile of employees with strengths and weaknesses of personality.


QSCert realized personnel audit to several key customers from both private and public sectors.


According to customer requirements personnel and organization audit can include following activities:


Audit of organizational structure

  • to find out all activities, which individual organization units of auditee provide
  • review of working activities of individual organization units
  • design of model for effective management at all organization levels
  • evaluation of strengths and weaknesses in organizational structure of auditee
  • exclusion of duplicate activities in auditee, which could be united, eventually they are useless and to propose rationalization measures
  • review of information flow limpidity from particular organization units
  • analysis of auditee document flow
  • determination of uncovered space within organization activities


Audit for extend the utilization of employees

  • review of extend the utilization of employees of auditee and its percentual expression
  • working day shot of each employee
  • identification and naming of duplication activities, which influence extend the utilization of employees


Audit of employees eligibility

  • review of defined eligibilities fulfillment according to valid qualifying register
  • review of established eligibilities suitability in the qualifying register and solution of their potential innovation (completion, reduction...)
  • Reevaluation of employees existing specialized potential


Audit of personal profiles

  • reevaluation of employees personal qualities, naming of strengths and weaknesses of - individual personality by psychological methods
    • test of assertivity
    • Leary's personal questionnaire
    • Structured conversation in according to SPIN method
  • review of individual people suitability for execution of awarded position
  • proposals of reserves
  • recommendation of optimal personal constitution of particular work positions resulting valid organization chart


If you are interested we can present concrete methods of realization the organization and personal audit at the personal meeting.